Terms & Conditions

  • There are limited places available in our classes and camps and places will be given on a first come and first served basis. Booking will be made on receipt of the booking online and payment. No telephone or provisional booking accepted. Places are non refundable.
  • Fees must be paid in advance of your child’s class/camp or a standing order must be set up. We will not discuss fees with children so please check your child in at the desk and settle your bill on the first day. All Fees are non-refundable. In exceptional circumstances we may issue a credit note. This will be decided on a case by case basis.
  • Classes will only go ahead provided adequate numbers book for the classes.  If we need to change a class day/time due to insufficient booking, you will be entitled to a full refund.
  • Members are obliged to give us 2 weeks notice if they do not intend on returning once term has commenced, which you are expected to pay for even if we agree to give you a credit note.
  • Please note paying insurance online without the selection of a class does not entitle you to a place in that specific class.
  • If you select the wrong class online, EGC cannot be held responsible should you lose out on the class you had initially hoped for.
  • Reminders via text and emails are sent regularly, if you are not receiving these it is your obligation to check our blog to ensure you are up to date with our monthly newsletter.
  • Under no circumstances are children of any age to be dropped off without the appropriate applications forms, and membership and insurance been paid. Your child will be refused admission to class/camp if there are outstanding fees or we do not have the necessary contact information.
  • Any medical condition/ allergies / injuries / learning difficulties or any additional information parents feel the staff at EGC should be made aware of must be listed in the booking form.
  • EGC is not responsible for children outside of class/camp hours.
  • Gymnasts will be divided into groups based on their age and ability.
  • Gymnasts must wear comfortable clothes. No denim jeans, skirts or dresses allowed. Long hair must be tied back. All jewellery and valuables should be left at home as EGC will not take any responsibility for items lost or stolen.
  • All booking forms must be signed by parents or guardians and must be contactable during the class/camp hours.
  • Parents/ guardians agree to allow photos of gymnastic activities to be used in promotional material for EGC. Such photos may include your child.
  • Recreation drop in classes are fully structured with coaches. EGC is responsible for the gymnast for the duration of the class.
  • Family class and parent and toddler class is a guided class which includes the participation of the parents. Parents are responsible for their own children at all times and must not leave the premises.
  • No fizzy drinks/sweets (except for birthday parties) permitted on the premises.
  • Drop in classes: you are entitled to 3 taster sessions where you must sign an insurance waiver. After the 3rd taster you must pay the annual membership and insurance applicable to your child in order for them to continue attending the drop in class.
  • Please note: our term class places are exclusively held once term fees are paid . They solely hold this spot for the duration of the term. They are not permitted to swap days or times to make back for missed classes. This is our policy please respect that .

Code of Conduct for Parents

  • Parents/Guardians should encourage their children to participate in sport for fun and enjoyment. Parents should not attempt to meet their own needs for success and achievement through their children’s participation in gymnastics.
  • The following guidelines will be of assistance in this regard:
  • Be a role model for your child and maintain the highest standards of conduct when interacting w ith young people, other parents, Coaches and Officials
  • Encourage your child to participate by the rules of gymnastics
  • Don’t ask “Did you Win or Lose?” Ask “Did you enjoy yourself?”
  • Don’t just show approval when your child is victorious. Always show approval for effort!
  • Don’t criticize their performance – seek to identify areas where they can improve
  • Respect Official’s decisions and encourage young people to do likewise
  • Never use any flippant or sarcastic remarks towards any gymnast
  • Do not seek to unfairly affect any gymnasts performance
  • Show appreciation for Volunteers, Coaches and Club Officials
  • Respect the rights dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion
  • Try to attend training and events on a regular basis and assist in Club activities
  • Do give advice on the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle with regard to exercise, food, rest, work, play etc.
  • Do listen to what young people have to say
  • Try to appreciate the strength of a young person’s emotions – positive and negative
  • Do realize the POWER OF EXAMPLE

General Expectations for gymnasts and Families

All EGC members are expected to act in a mature, responsible, uplifting and honorable manner at all times by following the rules below. Failure to adhere to any of these rules may result in dismissal from the squad:


    1. Gymnasts should observe good health practices including following healthy eating habits and getting sufficient sleep.
    2. Safety first. All safety rules governing Gymnastics Ireland  will be adhered to during all gymnastic activities.
    3. Inappropriate dress, disruptive behavior, emotional outbursts, abusive or foul language and any other sort of misconduct are strictly prohibited.
    4. Members of the squad have a responsibility to set a good example for other gymnasts. Always strive to be courteous, respectful, helpful, encouraging and enthusiastic.
    5. Always call or text in absences from any scheduled workout. Frequent unexcused absences are grounds for removal from the squad.
    6. Always be a supportive and positive force in the gym.
    7. Any Negative talk to other parents in the reception will not be tolerated.


  • Parents need to trust that coaches are acting in the gymnasts best interest as all times. It is imperative if you do not have faith in your child’s coach or their decisions,  to consider speak with the head coach or consider an alternative route within the EGC programme. High level gymnasts will work intensive hours with specific coaches. We need to ensure parents and coaches are in full agreement with the chosen approach and expectations.


Gymnastics Ireland Waiver

Please read this waiver document from Gymnastics Ireland Waiver as it forms part of your Terms & Conditions with Ennis Gymnastics Club.


Standing Orders
Setup the Standing Order with these payment details:-

BANK: Bank of Ireland, Ennis
ACCOUNT NAME: Ennis Gymnastics Club
IBAN: IE35BOF190421089332844
SORT CODE: 90-42-10
BANK ACCOUNT: 89332844

Cart & Checkout

  • Any items left in the cart without payment will be automatically removed after 20 mins
  • Any items that have gone through checkout but not paid for will be automatically removed after 30 mins

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